Monday, 6 December 2010

Food blogger

Hello lovely readers and friends I've told "oi go to my food blog, it's proper good I guarantee it" - I'm hoping this will be a nice place to keep a record of my favourite recipes, get some use out of my camera, and a place to direct people when I start talking about my cooking obsession.
It's also a way to show how easy and delicious it is to cook veggie during the week - although I'll have a fair few non-veg recipes too.  I don't consider myself vegetarian by any stretch of the imagination, but I like avoiding meat when cooking on an everyday basis. It's cheaper, if nothing else, and you don't end up eating some terrible chicken breast which has been injected with water just because you need something to bulk out your meal. 
That said I still love meat on occasion -  a good burger, sweet and sour pork, roast chicken - so good, but it becomes more of a special thing, something to be savoured.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy and that I don't update religiously for the first month only to let this fade into obscurity. 

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